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AUDITIONS FOR          'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'


we will announce our cast soon!


By Barbara Robinson

Director: John Williams
Stage Manager: Jennifer Knight

Synopsis: In this hilarious Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a Church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids – probably the most inventively awful kids in history.  You won’t believe the mayhem (and the fun) when the Herdman’s collide with the Christmas story head on!  This delightful comedy is adapted from the best-selling Young Adult book, and has become a holiday staple for theater groups across the country!  This play features plenty of great roles for children and adults, a few favorite Christmas carols, and a lot of laughs!

Cast of characters:

FATHER (Bob Bradley) – solid family man, 35-50
MOTHER (Grace Bradley) – trim, attractive, 35-50
BETH BRADLEY – the narrator, strong voice and presence, 10-11
CHARLIE BRADLEY – traditional kid brother, 8-9
RALPH HERDMAN – ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, touch of adolescent cool, 12-13
IMOGENE HERDMAN – loud, bossy, crafty, 11-12
LEROY HERDMAN – tough, sure of himself, 10-11
CLAUDE HERDMAN – tough, combative, 9-10
OLLIE HERDMAN – looking for trouble, Claude’s usual partner in crime, 8-9
GLADYS HERDMAN – smail, wiry, fiesty, 7-8
ALICE WENDLEKEN – prim, proper, pain in the neck, 10-11
MRS. ARMSTRONG – largish woman, managerial in voice and manner, 50ish
MRS. MCCARTHY – a younger, less imperious version of Mrs. Armstrong, middle 40s
MRS. SLOCUM – pleasant, motherly woman, 35-60
MRS. CLARK – 35-60
MAXINE – 10-11
HOBIE – 9-10
DAVID – 8-9
DORIS – 9-10
FIREMAN – 25-30
FIREMAN – 25-30
REVEREND HOPKINS – middle to late 40s
Extra angel choir members, baby angels, shepherds


Where:  Alumni Center for the Performing Arts at Applewild School,
            98 Prospect Street, Fitchburg
          (Park along the side of the building, entrance is in the back.)

Rehearsal Days

Performance Dates:

If you'd like to audition but simply cannot make one of the auditions, please contact us at

Visit for audition forms and for audition FAQs.

Stratton auditions are open to anyone, regardless of previous theatre experience. For more information, or to be added to our mailing list for audition notifications, email us at, call us at 978-345-6066 or ?like? us on Facebook!  

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Audition FAQ's

How do I know what the play is about?

You can usually find scripts at your local library. You may also go to to check your local library's catalog.

I’m a little older than the casting requirement, can I still audition?

Yes, you can still audition. Ages are flexible, at the director’s discretion. A play is a group undertaking and the director will decide the best complement of actors for the play.

What are auditions like?

Auditions are open, with no appointment necessary. But, it is best to arrive as close to the stated start time, as the director will welcome you and talk about the play and the cast needed. You will usually read excerpts of the director’s choosing. Monologues not generally necessary, unless stated in the audition notice. You will generally get to read several excerpts, possibly of different characters, not necessarily the character you’re auditioning for.

I really want to audition, but I’m unavailable both times, what can I do?
Let us know. On rare occasions, the director may set up a pre-arranged time for you to audition.

Do I have to be a member to audition?

No, auditions are open for all.

Do I have to become a member if I am cast in the play?

No, but chances are that someone will speak to you about the advantages of membership.

When are the rehearsals?
Rehearsals are typically three days a week, usually two evenings and one weekend day, Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon or evening. The director will poll the cast for those times when everyone is available. (There may be extra rehearsals during production week.)


still have some questions, who should I e-mail?

Send an e-mail to for more information.


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