Stratton Players

Established 1925

Brief Summer Encounters - Short Play Festival


Amy Newburg

Carolyn Salter

Rachel D'onfro

Michael Knight

Sharon Bernard

Victor Dupuis

Sally Cragin

Linda Haas

David Henshaw

Meg Smith

Megan Thomas


Carol Vancil Allard

David Bishop

Bob Blake

Matt Cory

Janet Cragin

Steve D'Ambrosio

Rachel D'Onfro

Ken Gagne

Linda Haas

Lissa Williams Jakusik

Gary Kendall

Jennifer Knight

Michael Knight

Chris Lockheardt

Marty Milkovits

Cheryl Carter Miller

Amy Newberg

Linda Oroszko

Carolyn Salter

Hal Smith

Meg Smith

Reba Smith

Pam Sontag

Charles Sternaimolo

Lori Stevenson

Bob Thomas

Michael Tobin

Jeff Van Amburgh

Kristi Wheaton

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