The Odd Couple The Odd Couple Felix! You are getting hysterical! 129448143 It's a pretty view from here. What is it? 12 floors? 129448144 Hello Fellas. Sorry I'm late. 129448145 I can't drink. It makes me sick! 129448146 I'm going to Florida tomorrow! 129448147 129448148 Our Cast Back Row: Mark Bourdeau as Speed, Peter DiFrancesco as Vinnie, Matt Hurley as Oscar, Francis Freel as Murray and Bob Blake as Roy Front Row: Jennie Leung as Gwendolyn Pigeon Scott Hebert as Felix Carolyn Salter as Cecily Pigeon 129448149 A whole bottle of pills! 129448151 Let me know if this hurts. I have no idea what I'm doing. 129448153 Where is Felix? He's never been this late. 129448154 Rub his wrists! 129448155