Stratton Players

Established 1925

Beyond Therapy


Directed by Joel Hersh

When lonely heart Bruce meets equally lonely Prudence through a personal ad, the resulting mismatch is disastrous. But no disaster quite matches up to the craziness of their respective therapists, nor to the effect that Bruce's lover Bob, his hysterical singing mother, partial amnesia, and other surprises exert on the action, leading to the description of Beyond Therapy as "a play filled with unruly laughter and outlandish amusement."
Well, the set is struck: The waiter waits no more, the plastic screens are dark, Snoopy is silent, and another show is gathering in the wings. Therapy was a success, despite misgivings that some of our regulars might be bothered. Everyone enjoyed the show and there seems to be no offense taken. And we DO make an impact on the community, viz. the following story from Dr. Charlotte, alias Amy Newberg.
Yesterday I was recognized in, of all places, the gynecologist's office. Another patient in the waiting room looked at me and yelled, "I know you! Ruff, ruff, ruff!" She proceeded to gush about how much she and her husband loved the show and quoted lines from it all the way home. I'm not sure who had the greater impact, me on her or she on me. It could have been worse Iguess. She could have shouted one of the other phrases.
It’s great to know our audiences truly enjoy their time with us. Congratulations to Joel Hersh, cast and crew for a job well done.








Victor Dupuis

Elena J. Stangland

Mark Kahn

Amy Newberg

Ed Knights

Michael Gainer