Stratton Players

Established 1925

Gift of Murder


Longtime Stratton member Bob Blake directs "Gift of Murder," a comedy/thriller by George Batson opening May 12. The setting is an estate cottage in the north of England. Famous actress Stella Cavendish is recuperating from a hectic season and a bit too much high living. She is accompanied by her attractive young niece, Mary. They are looked after by a cook-housekeeper named Wimpie, and are soon joined by Dennis Mordaunt, Stella's producer and would-be suitor, and her fellow actress and arch rival, Flavia Dartega. When Oliver Keane turns up unexpectedly with his dashing young nephew Peter romantic possibilities expand. But someone on the estate is up to no good, and murder attempts are made. When bustling Nurse Pepper arrives a progression of chilling and comic events unfold. Will the murderer be uncovered? Not until the last possible moment in this comedy thriller about eccentric theater folk.

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Nurse Pepper








Carol Alderson

Janet Cragin

David Vaillette

Victor Dupuis

Bob Jodka

Liz Mitchell

Bonnie Stockdale

Cherry Lynn Zinger