Stratton Players

Established 1925

Nude with Violin

Marj Lucier's show, despite a number of hitches, went off to tremendous acclaim, running out of programs in the second week of its three week run, and play to 80% houses, on the average. And it brought a number of new faces to Stratton. Final figures are not in yet, but the production did very well for the Stratton coffers AND the theatre-going public.

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Clinton Preminger, Jr.

Isobel Sorodin

Colin Sorodin

Jane Sorodin

Pamela Sorodin

Jacob Friedland

Anya Pavlikov

Cherry-May Waterton


Obadiah Llewellyn



Victor Dupuis

Monique Chenard

Kris Stone

Joan LaBonte

Rich Bastien

Pam Sontag

Lissa Williams

Bob Blake

Amy Newberg

Cheryl Carter Miller

Ari Lew

Michael Smith

Michael Knight

David Arsenault