Stratton Players

Established 1925

You helped us MAKE the MATCH!

Thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, we have $400,000 toward renovating Lucy's Barn

Our plan is a two phase project:
Phase One (with the use of this grant) will get us into the building for set building, board meetings, and some rehearsals.

Phase Two will complete the theater.  We got this far with your help and support.  We still have a long way to go, but the end got that much closer!!


We continue to make our way to our

next goal...heading toward phase two.

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- turning $200,000 into $400,000 -

Thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund

Of course, that is still not enough money to complete the renovations - we expect that we will need another $700,000 or more overall, but it’s a great step. 

We got this far with your help and support.  We still have a long way to go, but the end got that much closer!!



We're moving forward !

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Daniel Quaile, Sophia Bogdasarian, Amy Newberg and Rachel D'Onfro.

The door looks wonderful!

The roof and the door -  step one? check!

Many more steps to go - and $$$ to raise to get there!  Any and all donations are welcome!

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The Project begins! 

Who knew a dumpster and port-a-potty could bring such excitement?

 The wall is gone!


The wall begins to get rebuilt!


 The wall has been replaced - the roof is next !

The roof is being replaced !

Again - we thank all who have supported us in the two years since this tragedy took place.  We hope you will continue to support us in any way you can - from attending our shows, to donating your time to make the shows happen, to donating to our Rebuilding Fund - no donation, whether time or money, is too small or too large.  Any is appreciated! 
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click here to donate to the Stratton Players Rebuilding Fund through the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts. Choose 'Specific Fund' and 'Stratton Players Rebuilding Fund' to allocate your gift.



2013 update:
We have acquired 'Lucy's Barn from the Fay Club! Lucy's Barn is located on Main Street in Fitchburg between the Fay Club and the Library.  We now begin the task of raising the funds needed to renovate the barn into our new theater.  We expect this to take some time, but we are hoping to begin this summer with replacing the outside wall which is on the verge of collapsing, and may not last through another New England winter!
As many of you already know, on July 10, 2011, the playhouse suffered heavy losses in a devastating fire.  It is now clear that the playhouse must be razed.  Plans are already underway, however, to rebuild the Stratton Playhouse from the ground up, with the hope of recapturing the charm and intimacy for which it was known.  
Although Stratton was insured, the building costs are sure to exceed proceeds of the insurance.  Thanks to the generosity and support of our friends, members and benefactors, the spotlights will once again shine bright on the Stratton stage.
The Board of Directors extends a heartfelt thank you to all the community for the outpouring of support we have already received.  STRATTON PLAYERS WILL GO ON!  We are ready to face the challenge of repairing or rebuilding the playhouse.
Please check back here for updates on the progress we are making.