Stratton Players

Established 1925

Tons of Money

Bob Blake directs this comedy farce about Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington, an unsuccessful and deeply in-debt inventor who inherits a fortune that reverts upon his own death to his cousin George Maitland. Faking his own death to avoid repaying the debts, he resurrects himself as his cousin George who, long believed to be dead, as it turns out, is very much alive.  Mix in George’s wife, another George impostor and some other odd characters and this delightful comedy is complete. 
Tons of Money was tons of fun, for audiences as well as cast and crew. (Well, maybe cleaning up explosions and spit-take water lacked risibility, but the rest of it was highly enjoyable and enjoyed.) The show averaged an audience of close to 80 and, except for a reviewer who didn't read the director’s note, the reception was terrific. (And even that reviewer found space to comment on some good performances and direction.) 
The six doors of the farce are unhinged, now, and there is nothing on stage to remind us of Aubrey’s magnificent machinations and fabulous fibs. Director Bob Blake was pleased with his cast’s performance and the wonderful reception. Kudos to all concerned.




Miss Benita Mullett

Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington

Louise Allington


James Chesterman

Jean Everard


George Maitland

Bob Jodka

Andrea Mastroianni

Patty Pichette

Victor Dupuis

Amy Newberg

Hal Smith

Alan Womer

Jessie Miller

Mark Kahn

Barry Patella