Stratton Players

Established 1925

Towards Zero


David Henshaw directs this mystery set at a house-party on the coast of Cornwall. The party attendees include Kay and Nevile Strange, and Nevile’s ex-wife Audrey, with whom old feelings are rekindling. The host, Lady Tressilian, is found dead shortly after Mary Aldin, her companion-secretary is found in a drug-induced sleep. Not until the family lawyer and the police arrive does the appalling truth come out in a scene of tremendous excitement.  An unusual amount of suspense, with a totally unexpected twist at the end. Don’t miss this one, mystery fans!

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 Audrey Strange

Inspector Battle

Constable Benson

Kay Strange

Lady Camilla Tresillian

Inspector Leach

Mary Aldin

Nevile Strange

Thomas Royde

Ted Latimer

Matthew Treves

Carolyn Salter

Stephen D'Ambrosio

David Medina

Lissa Williams

Sandy Pickens

David Lolli

Rachel D'Onfro

Joel Streat

Paul Martin

Nick Adams

Bob Blake